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Benefits of attending a small university

There are so many great benefits to a small university. Coming from a small high school of 30 students total, the idea of attending a really big university and getting lost in the shuffle really freaked me out! This is a big reason why CMU caught my eye. Since I decided to attend a small school, I have not regretted my decision to attend CMU. In fact, it has helped me out tremendously!

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Volunteer opportunities at CMU

You might have extra time on your hands, a personality that loves to help and care for those around you, a desire to be involved in your surrounding community, or an interest in building your resume. If so, volunteering in our CMU community or surrounding community could be an opportunity for you to invest your gifts, build relationships, and improve your resume.

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A scholarship journey

August 2015

My summer was coming to an end. For me, and many other students, this meant my income was coming to an end too. I sat down with a calculator and took a long, hard look at my expenses. There were a lot of them. All I could think was, “Thank goodness for that automatically applied academic excellence scholarship.”

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Balancing academics and athletics

Somebody wise once told me, “The secret to life is to have a good balance”. When it comes to academics and athletics I have found this to be extremely true.

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Gaining on-the-job training through a practicum

I’ve said this many times before, but CMU’s emphasis on experiential learning is one of the reasons I love this school. I can be confident that following my graduation, I will leave CMU will valuable skills that will prepare me for the working world. Not only does the university accomplish this through the blend of practical and theoretical thinking in the classroom, but also through the required practicum placements.

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