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Outtatown: Two years later

It has officially been two years since my Outtatown (OT) experience. Since then, I have attended CMU and have been working towards completing a Social Science degree in Peace and Conflict Transformation studies. When I think back to my OT experience, three things stand out to me. They are lessons that continue to shape me today. OT helped me discover what it means to be in a relationship with Jesus, taught me the need for community, and helped me discover my passions.

A great time to study communications

Ever since the first humans managed to grunt at each other to say, “Hey, this berry will kill you but this one won’t,” we have been communicating. Today, we let each other know about berries that kill and other less lifesaving but more interesting things through so many more mediums than were available to our grunting ancestors. It’s a great time to be alive, but (and I’m biased because I’m a comm. major) it’s an even better time to study communications.

The CMU Farm

When asked about how students can become involved with the CMU Farm that resides on north campus Kenton Lobe, Instructor of International Development Studies (IDS), came up with endless opportunities.

Here for you: Commuter assistants

In my first two years at CMU I lived in residence, which was an excellent introduction to the energy and life at this school. In my third year I made the bold decision to move into the mysterious land of off-campus life. Living off-campus acquainted me with a different aspect of the community that I was unfamiliar with. I got to know different kinds of students, took advantage of access to prime study spaces on campus—life was bright beyond the walls of my dorm room.

Day in the life of a CMU student

Wonder what it’s like to be a CMU student? Student Ambassador Alex Tiessen took over our Instagram account on March 8 to give you a glimpse into a day in the life of a CMU student!

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