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Meet the blogger: Five things you need to know

Jason Friesen at CMU on the bridge to Marpeck Commons

Whether you’re a student, staff, alumnus, or friend of CMU, welcome to another school year at CMU.

My name is Jason Friesen, and I’m the primary blogger for #myCMUlife this year.

Some of you may know me, but some of you likely don’t. This seems like a good chance to introduce myself, so here are five things you probably want to know about me before you start reading my blogs.

1)    Who the heck is this guy?
Well, I said my name already. But on top of that, I’m a proud Winnipegger, have grown up in the Mennonite tradition, and I’ve got one older brother.

2)    How well does this guy know the CMU community?
I’d say I know it pretty well! I’m now in my fifth and final year at CMU. Though I was a commuter student for my first four years, I found ways to stay connected to the community, such as playing on the men’s volleyball team (which I still play on). But I now live on campus, so I’ll be spending plenty of time around the CMU community by nature of where I live this year.

3)    Is this guy even good at writing?
Well, I suppose you can be the judge of that. But if it comforts you at all, I’m a Communications and Media student at CMU. Most of my degree has consisted of classes that focus on things like journalism and communication theory.  I’ve had the opportunity to put the skills I’ve learned in these courses into practice by writing for The Doxa, as well as working as a journalist for the Winnipeg Sun this past summer. So hopefully I’ve learned some things from those experiences.
4)    What does this guy like to do in his spare time?
Jason Friesen at the mens volleyball final.I’ll be honest, I’m a huge sports fan. I love to play sports (particularly volleyball) and I love to watch sports (particularly the Winnipeg Jets). But I like to think I’m not one-dimensional. I also love music. Though I wouldn’t consider myself a fantastic performer of music, you will probably see me singing along in chapel, or singing to the radio in my car. But I sure do love to listen to it!

5)    What’s been the biggest thing I’ve learned through my CMU experiences so far?
Everybody has a story to tell, and everybody has a story worth telling. I truly believe that if told well, anybody’s story can be intriguing. So many of us think that our stories are not unique, or not worthy of sharing. But if you look at them from the proper angle, and use the right words, you can turn what you might think is an ordinary story into something people can’t wait to read or hear!

Get to know your student ambassador: Laura Carr-Pries

My Name is Laura Carr-Pries and I’m a third year student at CMU studying Laura-Carr-Pries-2016Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies and Biblical Theological Studies. I grew up in Waterloo, Ontario, but I find it fascinating to see new places in the world. I caught the travel bug when I was a student in CMU’s Outtatown program and now look for any opportunity to explore a new city or go on another adventure.

I love listening to the stories of people, whether strangers or old friends, and letting them shape how I see the world. I enjoy spending time outdoors and spend a little too much time thinking about peace, justice, faith, and community, and how all these come together in my everyday life. This year, I’m looking forward to being involved with CMU’s student council, the academic challenges of new courses, and continuing to build relationships with those around me.

Get to know your student ambassador: Emilie Roussis

Hey Friends!Emilie-Roussis-CMU-2016

My name is Emilie Roussis. I’m from Sarnia Ontario and I’m entering into my third year at CMU. Over these past few years, I have been involved with the social committee, CMU’s soccer team, leading a youth group in Grunthal, and working at a church through the summer. I am also a student ambassador.

I love dancing, meeting new people, travelling, and the season of fall. I learned that I am not an adrenaline junky through the Outtatown South Africa program, when I was given the opportunity to bungee jump, skydive, and shark dive. It was all very terrifying to me!

I have never been a person who thinks further past a week, so as of right now, I’m planning on graduating with a degree in Social Sciences with a major in Peace and Conflict Studies and a minor in Psychology.

This year, I’m looking forward to many of my courses, such as Social Cognition and Influence, and Counselling Techniques. I’m also looking forward to exploring Winnipeg and getting more involved in volunteer positions.

Get to know your student ambassador: Cesar Flores

I’m an international student, and whenever people ask where I’m from, I chant aCesar-Flores-CMU-2016 very practiced and thought-out answer, “I was born in Honduras, but due to my parent’s work with the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), we moved to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Bolivia. My growing up years were spent travelling with my family around Central and South America to visit communities and MCC workers in rural areas. So although my passport is Honduran, I don’t consider myself being from a single country. I consider home to be a very fluid but meaningful concept.”

Due to my cross-cultural growing up, I’m interested in learning about good development and building connections with individuals involved in social movements. This academic year, I’m part of the International Student Council. I’m excited to part of a group which hopes to support international students so they can have a smoother transition into Canada and university life, and to encourage relationships between international and Canadian students. I study in the International Development program.

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