August 2015

My summer was coming to an end. For me, and many other students, this meant my income was coming to an end too. I sat down with a calculator and took a long, hard look at my expenses. There were a lot of them. All I could think was, “Thank goodness for that automatically applied academic excellence scholarship.”

February 2016

Over here in Universityland, summer is a distant memory. So are my summer wages. Luckily, I haven’t missed the deadline for scholarship applications yet. It’s February 28. If I had missed it, the next mid-August look at my expenses might have been a little more difficult than usual.

If I were a new student, I would be writing my leadership scholarship application right now. That could get me up to $14,000 towards my tuition. A thousand-word essay on something I’m already passionate about, asking some people to vouch for me and filling out an application is not a lot of work compared to that much financial support.

Or maybe, because I’m interested in learning through thinking and doing, I should apply for the academic merit scholarship which could cover $1000 of my school fees and I could renew it every year. I should probably let my music student friends know there are scholarships specific to the music program, and I should let the people in my life who willingly enter science classrooms know about the arts and sciences scholarship.

August 2016
(because I applied for scholarships before February 28)

I am so glad I applied for those scholarships in February even this next school year seemed like a distant future.

August 2016
(because I procrastinated until after February 28)

My budget is not happy with me.

Because I went and asked somebody, I know that CMU gives away more than $550,000 in scholarships every single year. I know that my bank balance would really appreciate some of that generosity. Would yours?

Ayla Manning is one of CMU’s Student Ambassadors

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