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Meeting Marilynne Robinson

Marilynne RobinsonIn the first semester of my third year I decided to take a course called Literature & Theology taught by Dr. Paul Doerksen. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I made during my degree. Paul taught the class in a different style than he had before; we spent the whole semester studying the work of one scholar named Marilynne Robinson. Robinson’s confidence in her writing and awareness of the world are some of the qualities I admired in her.

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Finding your voice in academic writing lab

Writing does not always come easy for some of us, and the thought of handing in your first university essay, proposal, etc. can be very frightening. Prior to joining the CMU community, I had taken an AP English class that I felt had given me a decent grasp on essay writing. However, as classes began to pick up and I received syllabi, a stomach-wrenching realization came over me as I failed to recognize most of the academic writing styles in which I would have to write future essays. I felt a little embarrassed to ask for help and thought I would have to resort to the all-knowing gurus known to our generation by the names of Google and YouTube.

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Science at CMU: Loving God’s creation

I don’t really like getting up at 7:30 AM snoozing until 8:00, forcing myself into a shower, propelling myself to a hastily eaten breakfast, and then speedwalking to my 8:30 class. But as soon as Professor John Brubacher opens his mouth, I am content.

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