Esther Derksen

Esther Derksen

Most of the science students at CMU are asked: “Why do you go there? What does CMU offer?” Third Year Arts & Science major, Esther Derksen believes that her time at CMU has enhanced her understanding of the human experience and expanded her scientific worldview.

While reflecting on her decision to attend CMU, Derksen states that it seemed like the perfect fit, especially considering that she hopes to pursue veterinary medicine.

“I’m going into a very competitive field, and I knew that I could find extra help and support here. I knew about the higher standards and I believed that CMU could contribute to my success in the field.”

While Derksen admits that it would have been possible to pursue veterinary school without coming to CMU, she believes that it was essential to her learning experience.

“The science program involves a whole integration of ethics, world relations, and the wellbeing of others, which I think will be very helpful in my work as a veterinarian, and generally as a human being too. I really appreciate that,” she says.

Derksen admits that her love for science ad learning is largely because of the professors in her field. “I love how excited the profs are to teach us, it comes through in their lectures and labs—it’s just a party! The science community is small here so there are a lot of collaborations, bridges being built, and connections made.”

While CMU’s science program continues to be developed, Derksen admits that she is excited to be a part of this growing project. “Faith and science is such an incredibly important mix. They are different, but they enhance each other so well. I’ve learned so much about myself, and that’s part of the reason I came here.” When asked about her take away from CMU as a science student Derksen laughed, “I’ve learned that CMU doesn’t like boxes…science expands and integrates into many other areas of our lives. I don’t know if I would have found that anywhere else.”

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