dsc04184May 26, 2013, was probably the most stressful day of my life: it was the last day to decide where I wanted to go to university. I come from Kitchener-Waterloo, in southern Ontario. In my grade 12 year, I had auditioned at the top music schools in Ontario and was delighted to be accepted into all of them. As exciting as this was, it presented me with some difficult decisions. After making countless pros and cons lists, I decided on CMU, not knowing how life changing that decision would be.

Pauline-Boldt-2013CMU has presented me with challenges and opportunities that I didn’t know I needed. I’ve discovered gifts that I didn’t know I had. The most defining part of the Music Program for me has been the hands-on approach. I’ve had the opportunity to conduct ensembles, accompany an opera, perform as a soloist with an orchestra, compose music for worship services, teach music classes, accompany graduation recitals, and so much more. I could not have had these experiences at another university.

I believe that the most important thing an undergraduate program can provide a music student with is a well rounded education. While I’m concentrating in piano performance and music ministry, I have also developed my skills in music education and collaborative piano (accompanying). There is no way I could have known what aspects of music I wanted to pursue at my age. I’m thankful that I chose a school that allowed me to pursue all parts of music. I will leave the music program with many doors open to me because of my diverse education.

Grade 12’s: I get it. You are faced with SO many good options. I encourage you to consider what school will open up the most opportunities for you, and what school will make you the most well rounded musician you can be.

Guest blogger Anneli is a music major.