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Keeping it real: How volunteering as a peer tutor could make your CMU experience

My name is Beth Downey. I’m a third-year English student and I started volunteering for Peer Assisted Learning (PAL), CMU’s volunteer tutoring program, in my first year. PAL gets most all of its volunteers by gathering recommendations from faculty; you’ll understand why when I say that I might never have joined up if I hadn’t found out that one of my English professors recommended me. I would have assumed I needed to be older, more experienced, more advanced. And looking back, I would have missed out.

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Outtatown: One year later

It goes without saying that Outtatown has been the most influential experience of my life. It shaped how I understand myself, how I view the world, and how I relate with God. (Sound familiar?) In many ways, Outtatown South Africa ended when we gave our tearful hugs goodbye last April. But in some, and arguably the most important ways, Outtatown has not yet come to a close.

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Metalhead history professor takes stand for conservative evangelicalism

When you ask the average professor why they study what they study, they will usually tell you it’s because they can’t think of anything they would rather do. CMU’s Assistant Professor of History, Brian Froese, has a different reason for focusing where he does. Read on to be refreshed.

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Being a CMU Blazer

A pile of boxes reached the athletics office at CMU a few days ago. If you didn’t know how many students are athletes, you certainly do now. The boxes were packed full of athletic wear blazoned with green and white.

CMU competes in the following sports: soccer, volleyball, basketball, and futsal. Across these, over 85 students represent the Blazers in MCAC action across the province and Canada wide. The athletics director is Russell Willms and the assistant director is Joshua Ewert.

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Being an international student at CMU

Being an international student at CMU is an amazing opportunity for you to learn more about other cultures and discover more about yourself. It is a time to explore and immerse yourself into a new experience.

The CMU community was very welcoming to me. They were more than ready to help me adjust and help me out as I started a new life in Canada. Students and faculty are very friendly in the way they approach international students, they are eager to know about your culture and teach you about theirs.

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