Being an international student at CMU is an amazing opportunity for you to learn more about other cultures and discover more about yourself. It is a time to explore and immerse yourself into a new experience.

The CMU community was very welcoming to me. They were more than ready to help me adjust and help me out as I started a new life in Canada. Students and faculty are very friendly in the way they approach international students, they are eager to know about your culture and teach you about theirs.

The CMU community is very open and you can tell that they are proud to have international students as part of the CMU family. International students are encouraged and welcomed to be involved in any of the events and activities that CMU offers. There is an international student committee led by Samuel Bergen, from Paraguay, which plans a great number of activities such as bonfires, barbecues, visits to the zoo, soccer games, and a dinner at the end of the year.

A great time for you to show others about your culture is an event held every year called Taste the World. This is an opportunity to let others taste a typical food from your country. By joining the international community at CMU you will join over 35 international students that represent 21 different countries that add diversity to our campus.

If you become an international student, remember to have an open mindset. Things will be different, but that doesn’t mean changes aren’t good. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get things the first time and don’t be afraid of asking questions. Bring lots of warm clothes, get ready to meet lots of friendly new people, and experience life at CMU.

Cesar Flores is one of CMU’s Student Ambassadors