Our alumni leave CMU equipped for a huge diversity of career opportunities

Graduation is around the corner and graduates are asking themselves, what now? The paths taken by CMU alumni are endless. Many go into careers or grad work directly related to their degree, while others try something new which they might never have expected. Here’s what some of our 2017 grads have planned:

“I’ll be graduating in April with a Bachelor of Music, with a concentration in vocal 1P5C5341 copyperformance. I intend to pursue further studies in this field in the fall, in the hopes that I will one day perform on stage. It’s a daunting and competitive line of work. This scares me, but I know that CMU has set me up well, not only in the sense that I have been trained well musically, but I have also been given a holistic musical education rooted in faith. This will allow me perspective more than anything else; the knowledge that the music I make is in service to others and honouring God.”
– Nolan Kehler

“I’m graduating with a major in Psychology and a minor in Biblical and Theological Studies. I am planning to go into physiotherapy as my next step. I am extremely exited for this new journey! CMU has been a wonderful place that has challenged me to think critically. This is extremely important going into physiotherapy, as everything is interconnected, the body in its entirety, and also mind and spirit.”
– Tasha Enns

“I’m studying International Development Studies, but I’ve been taking a wide IMG_20161214_103407variety of courses. How I live is a lot more important to me than what I do in terms of making a living, which allows me the freedom to live a good life that benefits me and everyone and everything I am connected to. Having time to build and maintain relationships and better understand the world is high on my priority list, and piling on stress isn’t, so I’ve been figuring out how to live a life that reflects that. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that so far, and CMU and the people here have helped a lot.”
– Ben Wride

“This spring, I am graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in 11154921_10203243178314972_1585605765596498261_oPsychology and a minor in Biblical and Theological Studies. I am planning on entering the Master’s of Physiotherapy program at the University of Manitoba. CMU has been a place that has inspired me to think critically and to explore my passions. Having professors who get so excited about what they teach makes me excited to pursue the things that I care so much about. The people that I have met, along with the education and community experience that I have gotten at CMU, leave me sad to go from here, but have also made me excited to continue with what I have learned. I wouldn’t have changed my time here for anything!”
– Becca Krahn