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Finding the light: An international student’s experience

Finding the light: An international student's experience

My name is Valeriia Alipova, and I’m from Zaporozhe, in east Ukraine.  
I came to Canada with the Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS), a year and four months ago.  

I would like to share a story of where I have seen the light of God in my life.  

When I first came to Winnipeg, I had many challenges: new country, new language, new people. For the first time in my life, I was away from family, church, and friends. I so was worried about my future life, I forgot to enjoy the present. 

But I knew God was there. Through all my worries I could see a light—the light of God, in people around me. 

Valeriia joins in the singing at Bethel Mennonite Church.

Since coming here, I’ve met so many interesting, generous, and lovely people!  I could hardly believe how friendly people are in Winnipeg—especially the people at Bethel Mennonite church.

They welcomed me with open hearts.  

People invited me over for supper to their homes, taking me grocery shopping, to concerts, Jets games, and sailing.

When I struggled with homesickness, they spent time with me, showing me God’s love and support. They gave me opportunities to learn and to grow, in both relationships with people, and with God.  

It’s the same for me here at CMU. So remember: you can be the light of God in someone’s life this year! 

Valeriia Alipova is entering her second year at CMU. She originally shared this in chapel during the 2016-17 school year. 

Get to Know Your Student Ambassador: Cesar Flores

I’m an international student, and whenever people ask where I’m from, I chant aCesar-Flores-CMU-2016 very practiced and thought-out answer, “I was born in Honduras, but due to my parent’s work with the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), we moved to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Bolivia. My growing up years were spent travelling with my family around Central and South America to visit communities and MCC workers in rural areas. So although my passport is Honduran, I don’t consider myself being from a single country. I consider home to be a very fluid but meaningful concept.”

Due to my cross-cultural growing up, I’m interested in learning about good development and building connections with individuals involved in social movements. This academic year, I’m part of the International Student Council. I’m excited to part of a group which hopes to support international students so they can have a smoother transition into Canada and university life, and to encourage relationships between international and Canadian students. I study in the International Development program.

Being an international student at CMU

Being an international student at CMU is an amazing opportunity for you to learn more about other cultures and discover more about yourself. It is a time to explore and immerse yourself into a new experience.

The CMU community was very welcoming to me. They were more than ready to help me adjust and help me out as I started a new life in Canada. Students and faculty are very friendly in the way they approach international students, they are eager to know about your culture and teach you about theirs.

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