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Science at CMU

Esther Derksen

Esther Derksen

Most of the science students at CMU are asked: “Why do you go there? What does CMU offer?” Third Year Arts & Science major, Esther Derksen believes that her time at CMU has enhanced her understanding of the human experience and expanded her scientific worldview.

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Meeting Marilynne Robinson

Marilynne RobinsonIn the first semester of my third year I decided to take a course called Literature & Theology taught by Dr. Paul Doerksen. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I made during my degree. Paul taught the class in a different style than he had before; we spent the whole semester studying the work of one scholar named Marilynne Robinson. Robinson’s confidence in her writing and awareness of the world are some of the qualities I admired in her.

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10 benefits of attending a small university

On the daily, I am impressed by this school’s ability to inspire kindness and a passion for learning. How is CMU able to reach students in such a meaningful way, you may ask? That would be because of our size – we’re a small university! Here are 10 reasons why studying at a small university is a smart choice.

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