Here’s what CMU students are saying about their school.

Reason #1: the community

“I love how CMU attracts all kinds of people, even if they aren’t students here. Marpeck Commons has been a great place for students from other universities to study, for CMU alumni to catch up, and for donors to enjoy treats from folio café. It’s cool seeing people hang out at our school with other CMU students even if they don’t personally study here.”– Alyssa Lord


Reason #2: the professors

“I love that throughout your CMU degree you are able to take classes with many of the same profs you learned from in your first year. Because of this continuation, I truly feel that my professors are invested in my education and in my personal learning as I grow as an individual. Their open door policies and help with research papers and test prep has been invaluable to my success as a student.” – Rachel Robertson


Reason #3: the support

“I like the community feeling inside CMU. You feel part of a group even if you don’t want to! There are always people willing to talk to you and support you. When you come to CMU, everyone is your brother or sister.”– Klejdia Hila


Reason #4: the library

“When the library is quiet in the mornings, and the sun is coming through the large windows, you feel like you can conquer any and every assignment.” – Joya Reynar


Reason #5: the classes

“The best thing about CMU is the atmosphere and people. You can talk to anyone and have a good conversation with them. It’s a place that is easy to make friends. Another thing that is great is the class sizes; they are small enough that you can have class conversation. That is great because you get to learn with your peers and not just listen to a prof lecture for the whole class.” – Mackenzie Hildebrand


Reason #6: the food

“I love how snack brings everyone together. Students that live in residence, commuters, old and new friends. Food is always a great way for people to get to know one another.” – Janelle Wride


Reason #7: the spiritual life

“At CMU you don’t make friends; you make a family. You feel like home when you are here, as people care about you. You experience God every day in some way. There is a positive atmosphere here. I always feel welcomed and my energy stays positive all the time. I haven’t experienced education like this anywhere before. If you want to have a second family, then join CMU.” – Kunal Aggarwal