When campus is home, you can grow ancient squash in the community garden

When campus is home, you can grow ancient squash in the community garden

When I came to CMU, living on campus seemed like an obvious choice to me, and it’s one that I don’t regret. I am in my third year and have lived on campus for all three of those years. Dorm life was a great way to transition to living on my own, without having to make all my own food and commute right away. Being surrounded by a supportive community helped me to settle into all the new patterns of university life.

In my first year, I chose to live in dorm because I wanted to get involved in the community at CMU. I had an incredible experience. Dorm was a great living environment because I was surrounded by people who were doing what I was doing, and there was always someone to connect with. If I had a lot of work to do in one night, I was never doing it alone. It became normal that most evenings, I would be working on assignments and reading with a group of friends, in someone’s room or the lounge. We would work together, ask questions, and encourage each other to take breaks or focus when needed. I don’t think I could have got everything done without the support of the residence community!

Another benefit to living on campus is that you don’t have to look far for a good time. Even though the life a student can be stressful and busy, it is just as important to have fun and relax. Some highlights of living on campus include late night board games in lounges, impromptu movie nights, and deep, philosophical conversations in the hallways. These unexpected moments have made my dorm experience memorable. It was these times when I laughed the hardest, where I made deep friendships, and that I will remember the most.

One highlight of living on campus is snack every night. Between 9:00 and 10:30, the cafeteria opens and there is a tasty snack for all students living on campus. Pretty much everyone on campus pulls themselves away from their textbooks for this time, to take a break and build community. Even though I now live in an apartment on campus, snack is still part of my everyday routine, where I can check in with friends after a busy day.

I have made the choice to keep living on campus because everything is accessible to me. I don’t have to worry about the weather in the morning or busing home at night. I have a five minute walk to the library, my farthest class is ten minutes away, and I am surrounded by a supportive community.