I’m an international student, and whenever people ask where I’m from, I chant aCesar-Flores-CMU-2016 very practiced and thought-out answer, “I was born in Honduras, but due to my parent’s work with the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), we moved to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Bolivia. My growing up years were spent travelling with my family around Central and South America to visit communities and MCC workers in rural areas. So although my passport is Honduran, I don’t consider myself being from a single country. I consider home to be a very fluid but meaningful concept.”

Due to my cross-cultural growing up, I’m interested in learning about good development and building connections with individuals involved in social movements. This academic year, I’m part of the International Student Council. I’m excited to part of a group which hopes to support international students so they can have a smoother transition into Canada and university life, and to encourage relationships between international and Canadian students. I study in the International Development program.