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Three takeaways from a CMU education

Heather MuirAs the end of the school year becomes a reality, those of us like myself who are graduating from CMU in April have begun to reflect more and more on our time here. Now I know for myself that we often talk a lot about the great things that we experienced during our years at university: the community, the mentorship that develops between professors and students, the classes and classmates that made our days here so memorable. But as my time as a student at CMU draws to a close I have begun to ask a new question: what will I take away from my time here? How have these experiences shaped me into the person I am as a transition from the life of a student to one of a full-fledged grown-up in the “real world” of post-university adulthood? The answer has found its way to me under three ways: learning to live outside your box, thinking and living bigger, and coming into your own.

Student leadership offers new opportunities

For this blog entry I was to write about being in a leadership role at CMU, and the first thing I thought was, “How am I going to fit it all in?! There is so much to say!” Because really, being involved in leadership is such an encompassing (and important!) aspect of student life. As a high school student I loved being on Student Council and planning events, so I immediately felt the need to find similar committees once I got to university, and I found them—plus so much more!

Conversations with a Pastor in Residence

Ryan.DueckDuring the week of Nov. 3–7, 2014, we had the opportunity of hosting Pastor Ryan Dueck from Lethbridge, Alberta, on our campus for our Pastor in Residence Week, which takes place once each semester. During his stay with us, Pastor Ryan spoke at our weekly forum (a gathering which discusses different topics throughout the year, from sex trafficking to social media), preached at both of our chapel services, gave a session on blogging, and held two lunches, one for students interested in vocational ministry, and the other for all the CMU student leaders (student council, RAs, CAs, etc.). Pastor Ryan was also available throughout the week for students to sit down with him one on one in a less formal setting and ask him questions or simply talk things out  about issues that had been on their minds.

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